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Closing Ceremonies Tmo
by posted 06/18/2021

Charlotte & I will not be at the end-of-season celebration at Roseland tomorrow due to a previous commitment, but I hope the Bandits will give a good showing.  Thanks again for a great, memorable season and good luck in the raffle!


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Mighty Bandits
by posted 06/12/2021

I wanted to write this sooner, but the calamity that is me trying to leave town for a week required some compromise.

To begin, I'd like to thank all the Bandit parents for entrusting your player to my coaching - a leap of faith if ever there was one.  To say that this has been a remarkably rewarding season would be a significant understatement.  I have gotten a new perspective on determination and enthusiasm, and while patience might be a bit of a stretch with this demographic, I would say they players showed considerable tolerance for a grouchy old guy with a limited understanding of the game and indifferent interpersonal skills.  

The slugfest that was our final game was rewarding on every level, most notably in the accomplishents that every player demonstrated.  The hitting was torrential and came from every spot in the lineup.  It was truly gratifying and I hope every Bandit feels a real sense of satisfaction about their skills - they have a lot to be proud of.  I was touched by the comradery and support the players showed towards for each other.

I'd like to thank coaches Trevor and Scott for all the work they did this season - it was a hectic schedule and I know they both made a lot of sacrifices to make the games and practices.  I also want to thank Mike Sampson and Randy Esposito for their leadership in making Woodstock Little League the success that it is.

Closing ceremonies are next weekend - I will try to send out details this week.  The raffle drawing will be held that day - I have six raffle books back, so if you have not turned yours in yet please try to get them to the field this Tuesday - there will be a baseball game at 5:30 and I will turn in what I have then.

If I don't see you at the closing ceremonies I wish you all a happy and healthy summer.  I look forward to seeing these Bandits on the softball diamond in the future.

With warm regards,


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Raffle Tickets
by posted 06/12/2021

Please return your raffle tickets to me today if you can.  Thank you.

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Game Delayed
by posted 06/12/2021

Plainfield just called to say they want to push back the start time to 11 a.m., which makes sense.  So please plan to be at the field by 10:30.  Thanks

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by posted 06/12/2021

Good Morning Bandits.  It looks as thought the rain will be done around game time - Plainfield shows 40% chance at 10, so I am assuming the game is on - maybe start time will be pushed back a little, but please plan to be at the field (40 Park Ave, Plainfield, CT) by 9:30.  A light jacket or windbreaker will keep the players dry till game time.

Please let me know if your player will not be there - I know one or two players had conflicts, but I have not had confirmation yet of anyone not able to make it.

Thanks, see you at the District 12 Championships!

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Game tonight
by posted 06/10/2021

We play Mansfield 2 tonight at 6 pm. 124 Warrenville Rd Mansfield.  Pls let me know if your player can't make it.  
everyone should have their raffle tickets - if not, pls check with me tonight.  
Thanks.  See you tonight for the semi-finals!

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