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Calling All Umpires!

Woodstock Little League is looking for interested Junior and Adult Umpires for the 2023 Season.


WLL's Junior Umpire Program provides young men and women, ages 13 and up, the opportunity to umpire Minor League and Major League baseball and softball games.  This is a great opportunity for these individuals to continue their involvement in the great game of baseball or softball, while developing important life skills such as leadership, decision making, communication and accountability, all while earning a few extra dollars.


Junior Umpires (ages 13-18)

  • Earn $20-25 per game or receive Community Service hours
  • Free training
  • WLL Junior Umpire Shirt


Adult Umpires (ages 18 and up)

  • Earn $25 per game
  • Free training
  • WLL Umpire Shirt


To obtain more information on the program, or to find answers to specific questions, please contact WLL Umpire-In-Chief John Kline @ Jkline4019@gmail.com or cell: 860-931-6795.


To register to become part of the WLL Junior Umpire Program, please visit our Registration Page.


2023 Umpire Requirements (Tentative)

These requirements are intended to cover the basics for Woodstock Little league Umpires.  If you have specific questions or cannot make your scheduled game, please contact John Kline @ Jkline4019@gmail.com or cell: 860-931-6795.  It is important that our umpires look and act professional on the field.

Training: WLL Umpires must attend umpire training.  This training will be provided either by WLL or another certified organization.

Attire: WLL Umpires must wear pants (grey or black preferred), as well as their league issued Umpire Shirt.

Shoes: NO cleats, flip flops or sandals.

Arrival Time: Umpires should arrive at the field ready to begin their umpiring duties at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.  Please DO NOT BE LATE.

Umpire Protective Gear (Home Plate Umpires): Umpire protective gear (chest protector, shin guards, mask or catcher's helmet*) are located in the concession stand.  All protective gear must be returned at the conclusion of the game.  Athletic supporters (cups) should be worn by all male plate umpires.  *All Junior Umpires ages 13-18 MUST use a catcher's helmet when umpiring home plate.

Umpire Vouchers: Umpire vouchers are located in the concession stand.  Vouchers must be completed and signed by the home team manager to receive payment.  Vouchers will be presented to the concession stand volunteer for payment and left in the concession stand cash box for reconciliation purposes.

Game Umpire Management / Issues: Junior Umpires (ages 13-18) are not authorized to eject a player, coach, manager or parent.  In the event any such action is warranted, the issue will be handled by the Adult Umpire (ages 18 and up) working the game.  If no Adult Umpire is present, any WLL Board Member present at the game will be authorized to oversee the game and handle these issues.  If no WLL Board Member or Adult Umpire is present, the home team manager shall designate one adult (non-coach) to oversee the game and handle these issues.